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Admission Requirements

Applicants are screened for admission on the basis of their professional qualifications and their achievements, as well as their background assessment test, the teaching methods and plans after CLTP. English proficiency is also essential. Admission decision is made by the CLTP Admissions Committee.


  • Academic researchers (with a PhD degree) who belong to universities or research institutes outside Japan are eligible.
  • Company employees who wants to use CLTP5 as an education and training program.

* The CLTP participants must prepare a follow-up report to the CLTP Office within two years after the completion of the CLTP Program. The report may include how your CanSat activities is sustainable in your country.
** Since this program is meant for professionals who will contribute to the space education in their own countries, basically students cannot apply to this program.

Follow-up Report

The CLTP participant will be in a position to make a follow-up report to the CLTP Office within two years after the completion of the CLTP Program.
The report may touch on how your CanSat activity will be sustainable in your country.

Participation Fees

The fees for tuition and accomodation fees for the CLTP5 can be covered by UNISEC. Participants are responsible for their own travel fees from home to Sapporo city, travel insurance and personal costs.


Application deadline:

Submission of an application form

Step1: The completed application form must be submitted to the CLTP Office at the University Space Education Consortium (UNISEC) in Tokyo, Japan, by using the Online Application Service.
Step2: The recommendation letter should be sent by email in pdf directly from your recommender to the CLTP Office at, or to be sent directly by email from the candidate if the candidate has already held the letter sent by the recommender.
Step3: Additional documents should be uploaded in pdf to the online application form, or to be sent by email directly from the candidate to the CLTP Office at the email address above.


You are advised to read carefully the CLTP Web site, and the following instructions before completing the online application form.

  • Please fill in all items of the online application form and keep the following points in mind.
    • Your Area (s) of Specialization
      Please state your areas of specialization within the major fields. The essay should be pasted in the online application form.
    • Statement of Purposes 
      Explain the reasons you wish to participate in the CLTP. State how you intend to contribute to the program and how you expect to benefit from it for your career objectives in relation to your academic and professional background.
  • In addition to the online application form, you are required to submit the following documents in pdf:
    1. The Background Assessment Test
      Fill in the standard pdf or word document below and or email directly to the CLTP Office at
      background assessment test in word formant and background assessment test in pdf format in word format or in pdf format

    2. The Letter of Recommendation
      Fill in the standard pdf and word document below and have your recommender email to
      recommendation letter in word format and recommendation letter in pdf format

    3. Teaching Methods and Plans after CLTP
      Describe how you will teach and spread the CanSat program in your country/region and other countries/regions. Complete the pdf or word document below and upload online or email to
      Teaching Methods and Plans after CLTP in word format and Teaching Methods and Plans after CLTP in pdpdff format

    4. Scanned Copy of Your Passport (must be valid for during the period of the CLTP program)
      (Upload online or email directly to the CLTP Office at

    5. Statement of Agreement
      Complete the pdf form below. Upload online or email directly to the CLTP Office at
      Statement of Agreement in pdf format

Note: If you submit online some of your necessary documents before the deadline, we will consider that the deadline has been met, even if the additional documents arrive slightly after this date. However, incomplete applications will not be accepted. Please check if all required documents are included, according to the application check list provided below. The CLTP Office will acknowledge receipt of your application. You will be notified if your application is incomplete. The submitted documents will not be returned and will remain confidential under the privacy policy.


  • Online Application Form including Essay

  • The Background Assessment Test
  • Teaching Methods and Plans after CLTP
  • Scanned Copy of Your Passport
  • Statement of Agreement
    (Upload online or email to the CLTP Office)
  • The Letter of Recommendation (from the recommender to the CLTP Office)

How to Apply

The application is re-open.
Complete and submit the documents above to

Deadline: July 30, 2014 (until 5:00 p.m., Japan Standard Time)
Please also check the CLTP FAQ page, for recently posted Q&A's.
The additional required documents should be sent to:
CLTP Office
c/o University Space Engineering Consortium (UNISEC)
Central Yayoi 2nd floor,
2-3-2 Yayoi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, 113-0032, Japan
Tel: +81-3-5800-6645

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